Jan Canty PHD

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I am glad you found your way here. I hope you enjoy true stories about the unexpected; stories about betrayal, loss, determination and revenge through success.

A psychologist is forced to open Pandora's box by police,
prosecutors, journalists, and strangers to
discover the man she married was, in truth,
a stranger who played with fire and paid with his life.

The question I'm most often asked, even years after my husband's demise, is "How could you not know?"Translation: "He had a secret life for 18 months and you - a psychologist - didn't even suspect it?" A Life Divided explains how the people we think we know best are sometimes people we know very little about. I rendered the passages as faithfully as possible, built upon my recollections and multiple collateral sources of information though I can never claim to be unbiased. This true story depicts betrayal, loss of trust and the manner in which I healed. It is not appropriate for young children. The perpetrators, Dawn Marie Spens and John Carl "Lucky" Fry, were heard in court. Now it's my turn. This is my story.