Wide Varieties Antique FULL MOON tarot reading by Tarotbella- with Cosmopolitan#39;s t Max 86% OFF

FULL MOON tarot reading by Tarotbella- with Cosmopolitan#39;s t
FULL MOON tarot reading by Tarotbella- with Cosmopolitan#39;s t

Have your tarot cards read by Cosmopolitan#39;s tarot columnist Tarotbella. This online tarot reading will bring you the truth, comfort and hope you#39;re seeking right now.

The Full Moon is one of the MOST powerful times of the month, the ~veil~ is thin and it#39;s an ideal time for tarot, especially if you#39;re feeling confused, lost or stuck about your direction in life.
Full Moons give us the intuition and insight to look within for answers, to access and process our progress, to refocus on our strengths, and clear away anything and everything we no longer need in our life... ready for a new beginning come New Moon.
This tailored tarot reading will share everything you need to know about making THIS Full Moon count, helping you to use the lunar energy to change and improve your life.

As well as information and lunar lifestyle guidance, we will use the tarot to explore:
- what you have created of value recently, and should celebrate / amplify.
- what strength you should enhance.
- what needs to be brought to completion in your life.
- what is no longer serving you well.
- what burden you must release.
- what is your priority between now and the next New Moon.

Your reading will be conducted, dwelt on and interpreted by me alone, using my own personal tarot cards.
Simply email me your date of birth.
You will receive a beautiful script of your reading, including a graphic of the cards, so you can reflect on its meaning and positive impact on your life, within a few days.

Welcome to my private collection of best-selling tarot readings, designed to help the tarot help YOU- whatever is going on (or not) in your life.
Tell, or ask, me anything- there’s no judgment here, only truth, light and a way forward.
I am Cosmopolitan’s FIRST resident tarot expert. See my latest articles here:

I am a story teller, a tarot card reader with over 25 years’ experience and hundreds of happy clients all over the world. I am a natural empath (albeit a Gemini!) from a family of spiritualists. I LOVE tarot, and I LOVE reading for clients.

My latest feedback:

“Firstly, what a lovely down to earth vibe Kerry has -- communication was so easy. Well, let me just say; my reading was quite remarkable....
She told me exactly to a T the situation that#39;s going on with my current environment. ...and the information about my future had a spooky twist as this was exactly the same as the reading that my brother gave me 2-3 years ago about my future to come; my brother is the only person that I#39;ve ever relied on regarding tarot readings and the readings from him have always been spot on.
For Kerry to get the same information about coming events just blew me away!!!! I would have no hesitation coming for another reading from here and definitely no hesitation recommending her for your first reading. Fantastic.... xx” - Jody

quot;You will never regret a reading from this wonderful, insightful girl! Her readings are insightful and thought-provoking, not to mention FUN. I want to order over and over again from this delightful human with a huge, perceptive heart! She is the REAL DEAL!quot; - Caroline

quot;Her readings are always exceptionally descriptive and on point. She is amazingquot; - Brie

quot;She has such a lovely approachable way about her and the reading had so many a-has and words of encouragement, that helped give me the confidence I#39;m on the right pathquot; - Sarah

quot;Her narration and storytelling is incredible. She gets straight to the point in the best possible wayquot; - Tahni

quot;Kerry is easily my favorite person when it comes to having a tarot reading. It really feels like you are receiving advice from a good friend. Thank you!quot; - Janet

Please do not substitute this reading for medical, legal or professional advice. No refunds. Over 18#39;s only. This is for entertainment purposes only.

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Wide Varieties Antique FULL MOON tarot reading by Tarotbella- with Cosmopolitan#39;s t Max 86% OFF

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