Phoenix Mall OOP - Country Kitchens By Pat Wakefield, MDA -Plaid #9313 -18 Pa Up to 70% Off On Best Sellers

OOP - Country Kitchens By Pat Wakefield, MDA -Plaid #9313 -18 Pa
OOP - Country Kitchens By Pat Wakefield, MDA -Plaid #9313 -18 Pa

TITLE: Country Kitchens - Plaid #9313
AUTHOR: Pat Wakefield, MDA
PUBLISHED BY: ©1997, Plaid Enterprises Inc.
PAGES: 36 (color/BW)
BOOK TYPE: Softcover
DIMENSIONS: 8-1/2” x 11”
CONDITION: new very good, near excellent. New Inventory, old stock. Minimal shelf-wear. No missing, stained, creased, bent, damaged, torn pages. Minimal corner/edge wear. Minimal fading/rubbing. New old stock. Front cover, upper left corner, handwritten in black(white, gold, or blue) marker inventory numbers, upper right corner is a blacked out price. ★If more than one copy is available, conditions may vary. Never significantly damaged books sold and any other conditioned will be mentioned. *Some books may/may not have retailer and/or distributer sticker that are not in photos
DETAILS: 18 decorative painting projects for spicing up your kitchen’s storage . Includes center tear/pull out pattern sheet, color worksheets, supplies list, tips, tricks, and techniques.
MEDIUM: acrylic, FolkArt® Acrylic Colors

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Phoenix Mall OOP - Country Kitchens By Pat Wakefield, MDA -Plaid #9313 -18 Pa Up to 70% Off On Best Sellers

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