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Khodam and Jinn Control Ring.
Khodam and Jinn Control Ring.


Item Description

All khodam, jinn, spirits and Angels are under the authority of the person who wears or retains this ring of power.

Really want a legitimate jinn spirit that can obey and operate with the power of this control ring.

This ring is for anyone who collects spiritual and paranormal stuff.

This Ring is useful for those conducting research on Hunted items or Hunted places.

This ring of power is for those seeking psychic vision and power.

It will defend you from violent spirits, guide you, and warn you when there are risks.

Guardian angels of the verses will always defend the keeper of the spirit if the spirits or jinn try to hurt or disobey the keeper.

The khodam, Jinn, Dijinn and spirit will fulfill their duty and always follow the custodian of this power ring.

This power ring will allow you to obtain control of any type of spirit, jinn, Dijnn or Khodam without any spiritual knowledge or practice.

King khodam was given the command of a mighty verse.

“Have you not seen that Allah has subjected for you whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth and has lavished His favors upon you, both seen and unseen”.- ( Sura Luqman-ayat- 20).

This ring will find any type of spirit to maintain for his /her service and all spirits will obey without resistance.

This control power ring will make all spirits work for the keeper and erase all of the keeper’s difficult tasks.

The keeper will be obeyed by all terrestrial spirits including Khodam, Jinn, Dijnn and angels of the verse. Even the Jinn of the firs sky submits to the custodian of this control ring.

This Jinn and Khodam control power ring is instructed to obey the master/ keeper 7000 times.

“There were Jinns that worked in front of Him( Prophet Sulaiman) by the leave of his lord, and whosoever of them turned aside from our command, we shall cause him( Jinn) to taste of the torment of the blazing fire.quot; -( Sura- Saba ayath- 12).

Most powerful angels of the verses who control all kind of jinn spirit is in charge of this ring (Infused the verses in Ring)

“They (Jinn) worked for him (Prophet Sulaiman) what he desired (making) high rooms, images, basins, as large as reservoirs”, (Quran-Sura -Saba- Ayat- 13)

When you wear the ring, you enter the spiritual dimension and have power over all types of Jinn, Khodam, Angels, and even Shaytan ( Devil/ Evil/Demon) Jinns.

“And also the Shayatin (devils) from the Jinns ( including) Every kind of builder and diver”.

(Quran-Sura -Sad-ayat -37)

Instruction to wear this ring will send you through E- Mail.

I am not responsible for the outcome of any situation that may occur as a result of any product or service you purchase from me. This is being sold for Spiritual purposes only. My service is not substitute for legal, medical, financial, psychiatric or any other kind of professional advice or care.

By purchasing my service, you are stating that you are aware of and agree to these terms. Am disclosing all items are being sold strictly as a jewelry spiritual item any pure spiritual attachment. These items are sold as a freedom of expression of religion, spirituality and equality.

Ring stone may differ from availability please contact for your custom made colors and size.

Please keep in mind that I only charge for concealed charged taweez and work, not for rings.
In all of my rings, a powerful taweez is charged and concealed with waterproof.


Standard small package with tracking number and it will take 15 -18 days.

Guarantee Policy

100% Satisfaction if you follow the instruction correctly.

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30% Off Sale Khodam and Jinn Control Ring. UK Shop

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