USA Shop Online Personalized chef knife patina blade 7quot; blade Best Cheap

Personalized chef knife patina blade 7quot; blade
Personalized chef knife patina blade 7quot; blade


This beauty is specially crafted with an aged patina finish on blade for that old world rustic look which makes the blade easy to care for .

Can be personalized with 3 initials included in knife price

Comes stock with Burl handle and will vary from knife to knife

Knife specs + or - 1/8”

Picture are of 7quot; blade chef knife but I offer a variation of size blades

- High carbon steel
- Aged patina finish
- Brass or copper handle pins
- 1/8” spine
- Burl wood handle
- hand forged

3 initials comes with knife for personalization. The letters are hand hammered into blade during forging process.

Please message me on time frame for completion

Making my knives involves a 10 step process which takes 15-20 hours over a 2-3
day period if working straight through.

1. Create template of the knife to overlay for forging
2. Rough hand forging of blade and handle on anvil
3. Hand stamping of initials and makers mark
4. Hand file blade and handle profile
5. Differential heat treating of blade using forge and torch
6. Hand file of blade and handle and finish of with belt grinder.
7. Drill handle pins and grind to accept handle material properly
8. Install handle using resin epoxy and either, brass, stainless, copper or mosaic pins.
9. Hand sand/profile handle material to 800-100 grit sandpaper.
10. Hand polish and final inspection of blade.

This is not your ordinary chef knife. I wanted a thicker beefier knife with more power and punch to it. It has about an 1/8quot; spine and a gradual distal taper toward tip to make fine cuts if needed.

You can chop, dice, and split pretty much any food item known to man with this knife. The handle is super comfortable and ergonomically designed to cradle your hand.

Made old school style like all of my power tools used during the creation of this beautiful Japanese inspired chef knife.

Knife will have hand forging hammer marks coal dark forging marks as well on blade which gives it a beautiful rustic look. You are not going to find a mass produced knife like this one...custom made from blade edge to handle.

High carbon forging steel is used for this knife so it will develop a beautiful aged patina over time and discolor with more use. This change of color is called patina and will not effect the cutting quality. High carbon forging steel can be easily sharpened unlike stainless steels and will hold its edge longer and be tougher and more durable than stainless. Do not machine wash. Hand wash and coat with olive oil and your good to go again.

gt;After about a month or so in use put some butcher block oil or tried and true oil on the handle. Massage onto handle for about a minute or two and wipe off. Olive oil is fine to keep blade healthy.

A True family heirloom for the chef or family pro cook!!!

Nice thick heavy chef knife that can easily chop thick material and then choke up on the blade and use for fine cuts.

Note on custom leather sheath purchases with knife

gt; I sell the leather sheaths separately because it keeps the overall cost of the knife down compared to if I sold it with a sheath. Also, many of my customers prefer to make their own sheaths or buy them separately.

gt; If you decide to purchase one of my sheaths with the knife, know that they are made all by hand, down to hand stitching on every sheath. Most of my custom leather sheaths are made from top quality leather and buffalo hide and are very thick and robust. They are designed and fitted just for your knife and keep the knife very secure.

Most of my custom leather sheaths are belt sheaths that attach with two snaps that you can easily remove from belt without taking your belt off. This allows you attach it to a backpack or anything else you desire. Your sheath will also be stamped with your initials that match the knife blade. Please consider purchasing a custom leather sheath with your knife and the fit and quality will match the blade.

In addition...All my sheath are high grade cowhide leather which are a very thick and sturdy 9-10 ounces. They are all hand cut and hand sewn by me and finished with a thick layer of waterproofing wax. My sheaths take a couple days to complete as well because of the drying process that needs to take place for the dye and wax.

If taken care of properly, it will outlast you and your children.

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USA Shop Online Personalized chef knife patina blade 7quot; blade Best Cheap

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