5 ☆ very popular A Piece of Red Cylindrical Round Stone Chinese Seal Customized S Max 45% OFF

A Piece of Red Cylindrical Round Stone Chinese Seal Customized S
A Piece of Red Cylindrical Round Stone Chinese Seal Customized S

This listing is for 1 piece of stone seal, it is about 20 mm in dia., 50 mm in height, round shape at the bottom. Its surface has been polished and coated with protective wax. Even after being placed for many years, its surface will remain smooth and not dry.

Please tell me your name or other inscription you like, I can engrave it on the bottom of the seal.

My respectful shop visitors, this is Kong from China, welcome to my online seal cutting shop. I feel very honored to introduce myself and my seals to you. Here, I wish you a pleasant shopping experience in advance.

【About Me】
My name is Kong De Zhou. I was born in Qufu, where the Chinese greatest educator and philosopher Confucius was born 2570 years ago. My workshop is located in the pedestrian street on the east side of Confucius Temple, and I receive many tourists from China and abroad every year.

With the development of economy, I began to do business online and registered this online store with the help of my friends. In this advertisement, you can see my personal photos, seal engraving patterns, my shop, my classes for people who come to our city to experience Chinese culture, an interview on me by our local television station and a book containing my information which is called Homologous Culture Show.

During the new opening of my online store, various seals will be published one after another. Their prices will also be very favorable. Welcome to purchase. My hometown is a small cultural city with a long history, and I love it. If you have the opportunity to visit, I#39;d be happy to be your tour guide for free. Confucius once said, quot;It#39;s a pleasure to have friends coming from afar.quot; Welcome to my hometown, Qufu, China. Thank you.

“Kong De Zhou: Make friends with stone, and impress people#39;s hearts”
(By Shandong#39;s Neighboring Culture 2018-01-17)

Not long ago, my friend and I visited the Speechless Seal Store in Confucius#39; hometown. That is the first time I met with Mr. Kong De Zhou, a folk artist who is 33 years old and looks very elegant. When he introduced the material and characteristics of the stone seals, he was very confident, and everything was explained clearly in a quiet and relaxed voice. When I asked to have a look at his imprints of the seals, he turned out a photo album, which was full of his works of recent years, with thousands of imprints in different styles, such as seal script, regular script, official script, seals of names, idioms, or drawings.

With the task of our compiling group, we interviewed Mr. Kong and exchanged ideas closely. We saw Mr. Kong#39;s spirit of hard study, ingenuity and excellence, as well as his excellent service for customers.

Mr. Kong De Zhou begun to study from Mr. Kong Fan Hua, a well-known folk artist in Qufu when he was young. Mr. Kong always remember his teacher#39;s teaching: quot;To carve a piece of seal is just like to be a man, only when you have a good personality can you engrave out a good onequot;. In the days after left his first teacher, Mr. Kong got the guidance of Mr. Han Tian Heng, a famous seal engraver, and Mr. Tian Yun Zhang, a calligrapher, to improve his skills through online courses. He participated in the correspondence course of seal engraving and calligraphy in Qufu Normal University and graduated with excellent results.

Mr. Kong has been engaged in seal cutting industry for 16 years. He had copied more than 1000 Chinese seals of Han Dynasty, and now he is very good at carving seals with thin solid strokes and bold white strokes. He has engraved over 50,000 pieces of seals for tourists come from all over the world, and is widely praised. His works were selected into the First Modern Seal Carving Art Exhibition in North China, the Third Seal Carving Art Exhibition in Shandong Province, and the Jining Seal Carving Art Exhibition. His personal deeds were selected into Qilv Evening News and Jining Today News, as well as he was elected as a member of the First Batch of Outstanding Folk Artists in Jining.

His works were awarded the second prize in the 2nd National Calligraphy Seal Carving Competition, the 3rd prize in the 2nd National Calligraphy Seal Carving Competition and the 1st prize in the 1st TV Calligraphy Seal Carving Competition of quot;Cultural Holy Land, Calligraphy Jiningquot;.

Speaking of 16 years’ experience in seal engraving, Mr. Kong De Zhou was full of emotion: quot;Qufu is a famous historical and cultural city. It receives more than 300,000 Chinese and foreign tourists every year. Its unique cultural products add better and better tourism experience to the tourists. Qufu Municipal Government attaches great importance to the development of cultural products, especially the seal carving process, which is well-known all over the world, with annual sales reaching hundreds of millions Chinese Yuan. quot;

quot;My workshop is located in the street between Confucius Mansion and Confucius Temple. During the peak season of tourism, my disciples and I have to work 15 hours a day to meet the needs of customers,quot; Mr. Kong said: quot;But no matter how busy I am, I will remember my teacher#39;s teachings and carve carefully, so that every piece is a fine product and customers are 100% satisfied.quot;

Just as Confucius said: quot;Virtue will never be alone, there must be neighborsquot;. After more than ten years of efforts, Mr. Kong De Zhou#39;s store has become a gold-lettered signboard, recognized and praised by both Chinese and foreign customers. Mr. Kong said, quot;I have already opened an online store on Taobao in China. Next year, I will register an international online store with the help of my friends and sell the seals abroad. The aim why I do this is not just to make money, but to better spread China#39;s excellent traditional culture.quot;

Speaking of his career ideal and vision, Mr. Kong De Zhou said passionately: quot;It is my career ideal that to make friends with stone, and impress a good memory in their hearts. The small square seal shows a long-standing traditional culture of China and conveys the benevolence and righteousness of Confucianism. I have been working in this area for 16 years, if calculate by carving ten seals a day on average, 30 years later, my works will reach more than 160,000 pieces. This data and its significance are to bring cultural enjoyment to about 100,000 guests. This is the source of my happiness and the value of my life.quot;

While he was speaking, Mr. Kong raised his index finger. I was surprised to find that his fingertips were covered with thick cocoons and the whole index finger had been slightly deformed due to the long time of holding the seal cutting chisel.

Question 1: Which kind of character do you use in your carving?
Answer: Basically, I use seal script fonts. That font was invented in the Qin Dynasty of China more than 2000 years ago, which is quite different from the modern simplified Chinese characters in form. I can also engrave other fonts, but it will be limited by the material and size of the seal, please contact me in advance.

Question 2: Can I see the design of the seal before carving?
Answer: I can send you a picture printed after the seal is finished. After you confirmed that you are pleased with my carving, I pack and send out the package. If you need to look at the design before I start to carve, I can give you a simple design sketch, but please note that the final engraved seal may be different with it at a certain level.

Question 3: When I print my name on paper, are the characters white or red?
Answer: Generally speaking, if the material permits, I will engrave your name in red. In terms of technical terms, this is Yang Wen, meaning that the characters are prominent, the red ones are on the white background. Sometimes there are stones or characters that are not suitable for red fonts. I will carve them into white fonts. Everyone has their own preferences. If you have special requirements in this respect, please let me know in advance. For me, they are the same. It is worth mentioning that in the Han Dynasty, most of the Chinese seals were in white fonts.

Question 4: How do you translate my name into Chinese characters?
Answer: Actually, the Chinese translation of your name already exists, so I don#39;t need to translate it specially anymore. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Xinhua News Agency and Foreign Research Agency of China have completed the translation of names and place names of various countries. Most of the translated names are transliterated. According to their pronunciation syllables, select appropriate Chinese characters.

Question 5: If I don#39;t want an official translation name, can you provide me with a suitable Chinese name?
Answer: If you want a personalized translation, please tell me some basic information about you, such as occupation, personality, hobbies, etc. So, I can combine these with the pronunciation of your name to provide you with a suitable name, trying to balance the original pronunciation of your name, personal information and the meaning of the translated name. The service is free.

Question 6: Can you engrave my English name (or other language letters, characters, personal portraits, logo) on the same seal as my Chinese name?
Answer: Yes, but it#39;s important to note that this is limited by the complexity of your name and the size of your seal. I suggest you contact me in advance. On the other hand, in this case, I may need to charge you some extra handicraft fees.

Question 7: I just want a name stamp in picture format as signature instead of a physical stone stamp. Can you design or carve it for me and then send me a picture?
Answer: Yes. If you only need a jpeg picture of the imprint, I can first carve your name on the stone, then print it out and scan it for you. Finally, I will use software to process the picture and send it to you by mail. In this case, since you don#39;t need the stone material and I don#39;t need to pay for freight, you just need to pay me 5 USD. After that, I will wear away the contents of the seal carvings on the stone. Because it is handmade seal cutting, even if I carve the same name next time, the effect is different. Your seal is unique.

Question 8: Question: What is the size limit of the seal you can engrave?
Answer: The smallest seal I#39;ve ever carved is about 0.4*0.4 cm. This seal is usually used in hard-pen calligraphy. Only one character is engraved, that is, the customer#39;s last name. The biggest seal I have ever carved, 30x30cm, is a Buddhist scripture. In addition, if you need big seals abroad, I suggest using wooden seals. This saves freight and is not easy to damage during transportation.

Questions 9: What are the common seal materials?
Answer: Besides all kinds of stones, there are agate, jadeite, plastic, plexiglass, ceramics, wood, bamboo root, horn, copper, titanium alloy and so on. If you need any of them, I can also provide it to you.

Question 10: I want to learn seals by myself, can you provide blank stones, seal cutting knives and other tools?
Answer: Yes. I can offer you inexpensive stone for practice, medium and high-grade seal cutting knives, wooden or copper seal fixing bed, ink paste, Chinese brush and other related stationery.

Question 11: In the field of calligraphy and painting, what kinds of seals are there?
①. Seal of name. It is used to prove the author of a calligraphy or painting work. Such as quot;Emerson#39;s sealquot;.
②. Seal of author#39; studio or bedroom name. Such as quot;Plum Blossom Studioquot;.
③. Seal of auspicious word, idiom, epigram or poem. Such as quot;Play with inkquot;, quot;Peaceful heartquot;.
④. Seal of collection. It is used to prove who once has collected or appreciated a calligraphy or painting work. Such as quot;Collected by Melvillequot;.

Questions 12: What are the common contents of finished seal engraving?
Answer: The following are for your reference:
①.天道酬勤: Tian Dao Chou Qin: The corresponding translation is: God help those who help themselves.
②.厚德载物: Hou De Zai Wu: Hold the outer world with broad mind. / great virtues carry great responsibilities.
③.自强不息: Zi Qiang Bu Xi: Strive to become stronger and never stop.
④.上善若水: Shang Shan Ruo Shui: The greatest benevolence is like water (because it moistens all things and stands aloof from worldly affairs).
⑤.百忍成金: Bai Ren Cheng Jin: One hundred times of forbearance make the mind into gold.
⑥.博爱向善: Bo Ai Xiang Shan: Broadly love everything in the world and close to goodness.
⑦.福山寿海: Fu Shan Shou Hai: May your fortune be as boundless as the South Mountain and may your life be as long as the East Sea.
⑧.延年益寿: Yan Nian Yi Shou: It would be conducive to longevity.
⑨.福寿康宁: Fu Shou Kang Ning: Good fortune, long life, health and peace.
⑩.身心康泰: Shen Xin Jian Kang: Healthy and safe in both mind and body.

Questions 13: How do you mail the package?
Answer: Generally speaking, I use e-packet or registered international small package for delivery. If you are willing to pay enough freight, I can also use EMS to mail your package. It is worth mentioning that if you choose to use EMS for mailing, you do not need to pay the full postage, the post office may provide about 40% discount.

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5 ☆ very popular A Piece of Red Cylindrical Round Stone Chinese Seal Customized S Max 45% OFF

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