Deals Up to 75% Off Elder Futhark Resin Runes-Earth Element 25pc + Pouch -Clear Cast Vast Selection

Elder Futhark Resin Runes-Earth Element 25pc + Pouch -Clear Cast
Elder Futhark Resin Runes-Earth Element 25pc + Pouch -Clear Cast

?My one of a kind rune sets are my best sellers and for good reason! Each one is created just for you, made to order using natural dried miniature flowers- locally acquired and homegrown depending on the season, paper flowers, watercolor plants, leather leaf, Spanish Moss, Reindeer Moss, and other colorful inclusions in clear cast, durable, art resin - each tile crafted individually to be as unique and vibrant as their future owners! Includes beginners resources, all 25 Elder Futhark tiles and storage pouch with antique style scroll explaining how to use and care for your runes. Read on for more detailed information about this unique design!

•°•With each engraved tile individually hand crafted, no two tiles or two sets are exactly alike. Resin runes allow for durability and style where traditional runes are limited to the material chosen to create them- bone, wood, stone, and shell which can become chipped, cracked, or easily damaged during casting or regular use. Resin Runes may incorporate natural elements such as crystals and dried herbs or sea shells while offering them a protective coating which ensures that you are able to use your runes for nearly a lifetime Why should tarot / oracle cards get all the artistic love? #runicrevolution!

FREE REPLACEMENT is a service I offer to all those who purchase ANY of my handmade to order rune designs, regardless of if you plan to give the set as a gift or keep it to yourself, clumsy witches like myself may rejoice! You no longer have to retire your entire set because of a lost tile! Full set replacements are offered at a discount in addition to this service for repeat customers.

?If this set doesn#39;t call to you, please take a moment to browse the shop. You may find something that does or you may always request a customized / personalized rune set based on your own specifications. I would love to manifest your dream designs by my hands within your budget and on your terms! Please contact me to discuss the details of your one of a kind creation or use the #39;request custom#39; button on the shop page.


❣️❣️ORDERING FOR THE HOLIDAYS OR SPECIAL OCCASION? - Upgrade to VIP for guaranteed delivery by your specific deadline here!

••NOTE: DUE TO SUPPLY CHAIN DELAYS, ORDERS ARE TAKING LONGER TO PROCESS. Please notify me if you are purchasing your runes as a gift or for an event deadline so that I can ensure that you receive them on time!

?•Elemental Series: Earth 25 piece Elder Futhark rune set hand made to order with love and a little magic from my hands to yours! EACH SET IS A UNIQUE, ONE OF A KIND RENDITION OF THIS DESIGN CONCEPT. Your Personalized runes may look slightly different than those depicted in the photos, though ALL tiles are composed of Spanish Moss, Reindeer Moss, Dried Flowers of various colors and types, some locally acquired flora, garden / Earthen inclusions like insects, mushrooms, butterflies etc., (ABSOLUTELY NO living / dead animals are used in the creation of this set- these inclusions are simulated) Watercolor Flowers Paper Flowers in vibrant colors and different styles as well as dried leather leaf and fern all arranged and clear cast in non toxic art resin with engraved rune symbols in your choice of paint accent all hand filed and given a glossy sealant / finish.

•PERSONALIZE YOUR SET with requests regarding flower style, color, inclusions, symbol paint color, etc. I am always happy to try and accomodate you and Love manifesting your dream runes by my hands!

-ALL tiles are approximately the size and thickness of a #39;Domino#39;, in between Domino and Scrabble tile. Please allow slight fluctuations in shape and thickness.

•?Includes 25 tiles (blank / Odin tile included) with velvet or burlap storage pouch (depending on availability at time of purchase) with antique style scroll outlining each rune symbol, its name, how to use and care for your runes, with beginner#39;s resources as to how to access FREE guides.

•Free gift wrapping available upon request. Ships in regular plain/discreet packaging with FREE domestic shipping offered through USPS First Class. International customers may enjoy free shipping when purchasing 0USD+ Of items in the shop. If you need to upgrade your shipping option, you may do so for an additional charge

?I am a one woman show creating all that you see here by hand and, while I am passionate about my creations, I do have perfectionist tendencies and as the sole creator, can quickly become weighed down with orders at any given time. I will always do my best to meet shipping expectations, however, please allow the full processing time (considering business days) for your orders and plan for potential delays. If your order is a gift or something you need by a specific date, I will do my best to ensure that your order arrives to you in time if I am made aware when you purchase your runes. Orders that contain multiple items or customized / personalized items will naturally take more time to create and ship.

•QUANTITY refers to how many commissions for this set I am accepting at any time. If this item shows as Sold Out, don#39;t worry! Once I have shipped previous orders the listing will be updated to reflect this. You are also welcome to pre order a set to have yours put in line for creation at any time. If you would like to pre order, please contact me. pre ordering will lock in current pricing in case of future adjustments.

?Question? Request? I#39;m here and happy to help- please don#39;t hesitate to contact me !

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Deals Up to 75% Off Elder Futhark Resin Runes-Earth Element 25pc + Pouch -Clear Cast Vast Selection

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