Outlet Cheap Clearance Custom Base Shaper Clear Acrylic or black Plastic up to 18quot; UK Online Wholesale

Custom Base Shaper Clear Acrylic or black Plastic up to 18quot;
Custom Base Shaper Clear Acrylic or black Plastic up to 18quot;

***LISTING NOTE***: This is a custom cut listing any measurement up to 18quot; x 10quot;. In a message during checkout or after payment please tell us the length and width you need your base shaper cut at (we will be looking for your message). If you don#39;t know the size you need, simply take a tape measure and measure the inside bottom of your handbag length and width only. We don#39;t need the height of your handbag measurement to make your base shaper. Also, be sure to measure it from the inside bottom of your handbag and not the outside. The measurement will make a big difference. If you make a mistake no worries, you can send it back to be resized at no extra charge. Thank you very much :)

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About The Product:

In this listing we offer three types of base shapers:

1/16quot; Lightweight Crystal Clear Acrylic:
The lightweight 1/16quot; is very strong and has a slight flex to it. It also weighs 1/2 the weight of the normal thickness 1/8quot; base shaper and is 10X stronger than glass. All corners and edges are rounded and designer ready so it doesn#39;t damage your liner.

1/8quot; Normal Thickness Crystal Clear Acrylic:
This is the size that is most common on the market. The 1/8quot; acrylic weighs only a few ounces and has less flex than the 1/16quot; but is more stiff than them all. Both the clear base shapers are 10X stronger than glass. All corners and edges are rounded and designer ready so it doesn#39;t damage your liner.

1/16quot; Super Lightweight Unbreakable Black Plastic:
The 1/16quot; black plastic is more strong then them all against breaking. It is more firm than the 1/16quot; clear acrylic. It is not as firm as the 1/8quot; clear acrylic. This black plastic base shaper will not crack or break. It can be bent in half without breaking (We#39;ve tried on scrap pieces). It has a nice textured side and a smooth side. All corners and edges are rounded and designer ready so it doesn#39;t damage your liner.

Please check our store for other options if the size of this base shaper listed here isn#39;t exactly what you are looking for. You can also contact us to set up a listing for you if you need custom measurements.

Our base shapers are made of the highest quality materials and are very carefully hand crafted. We round off all the corners as well as sand and polish all edges so no damage is done to the inner lining of your bag. We make ALL of our base shapers smooth and designer ready. We go as far as hand sanding them along with using actual polish to buff the shine back after sanding.
There is a *right way* and *wrong way* to make a quality acrylic base shaper. Many sellers just want to put a few dollars in their pocket by selling you a piece of acrylic but don#39;t put the time and effort into it to making the corners and edges *designer ready*. There#39;s no excuse for a base shaper to cause damage to your bag. You can be confident that this base shaper is designer ready!
Our customers love them :)

No Hassle Guarantee:

We offer excellent customer service.
We also guarantee that your base shaper will fit your bag even if you accidentally order the wrong one. If you run into any problems please contact us. We have solutions and are more than willing to accommodate any issue.
For example if your base shaper arrives damaged from the mail system, simply take a picture of the damage and send it to us in a message. We#39;ll then remake your base shaper and send you a new one. You don#39;t even have to send the damaged one back.

Most of all we want you to love your new base shaper. If you have any problems with this transaction whatsoever, please send us a message and let us know what the issue is. We#39;re determined to do all we can to make this a pleasant transaction for you.

About Us:

We#39;re a family owned operated business dedicated to give you top quality handmade products. If you#39;d like to know why our prices are so much lower than others it#39;s not because we lack quality. It#39;s because we#39;re located within driving distance of our suppliers where we purchase the materials to build these products. This means we do not have inbound shipping cost to factor into our final prices so we get the pleasure to pass those savings over to you :)

Domestic Shipping:

FREE Shipping - We offer free ground shipping with tracking to the continental USA via USPS.

Priority Mail Shipping - We also offer faster paid shipping at a very nice discount.

International (Overseas) Shipping:

We offer inexpensive international (overseas) shipping that can take up to 30 days or more to arrive. We also offer faster service at a higher cost.

Handling Time:

We ask for 1 business day handling time. Usually your ordered item is made the same day you place your order or the following day. It then ships that same day or the next day. Worst case scenario your item will take two business days to be processed, made, and shipped but we usually get it out by the next business day.

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Outlet Cheap Clearance Custom Base Shaper Clear Acrylic or black Plastic up to 18quot; UK Online Wholesale

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