Online Outlet Discounts Embroidered floral tapestry, embroidered home decor, floral wall Huge Discounts Sale

Embroidered floral tapestry, embroidered home decor, floral wall
Embroidered floral tapestry, embroidered home decor, floral wall


Zardozi wall display Panel for living room décor idea / Zardosi made panel for wall hanging art / Handmade Crafts by needle and thread

Gorgeous Zardozi Silk Metallic Thread with Gemstone Carpet Wall Hanging

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Zardozi art has gained worldwide prominence. The art of Zardozi originated in Persia but eventually became the focal point of India during the Mughal ruler Akbar#39;s reign. Not only it has found its place in designer outlets but has been used as a part of weddings, home decoration, lavish Palaces, and interiors. Zardozi is performed on silk, velvet, and satin fabric with gold threads, gems, precious stones, and beautiful sequins. The best thing about zardozi art is its popularity, it has kept a stronghold of its aesthetics. The Zardozi art includes gold thread and beautiful embellishments of precious and semi-precious stones.

The Indian crafted vertical black Zardozi Wall hanging has a #39;Tree of Life#39; pattern which represents growth and beauty in every possible way. This wall hanging is popularly known as the Jewel carpet. The product has a cusped arch as per the Indo-Saracenic architecture. These arches were a favorite of the Deccan rulers. However, as per Islamic architecture pointed arches were a religious symbol. The arches are known as #39;Mihrab#39; and one can find such arches in various Indian monuments like the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, etc., which has been an inspiration behind the designing of this product. There are beautiful semi-precious stones embellished in this Zardozi piece which are known for their positivity as per Fengshui. The ethnicity of the stones makes the zardozi piece not only look good but also increases its importance in the eye of the beholder. The zardozi piece creates a magical surrounding wherever it is placed. A genuine art lover frame such Zardozi pieces in their houses, at luxury hotels, reception desks, and store them in their Palaces and castles. This art piece is highly recommended due to its durability and non-fragile item. A high-quality thread is used in the Zardozi art which lasts for ages.

?The stones help in creating a positive environment.
?These stones help in solving your personal issues like divorce or finding your future partner.
?The stones help in changing your personality and making it attractive to others.
?The stones are also helpful in setting up your political career.

The zardozi piece is handcrafted by artisans. Lack of machine usage. Lack of wastage of natural resources. Promotion of natural environment through floral representation on the wall hanging. This wonderful Zardozi wall hanging/ Jewel Carpet is made with sheer hard work, love, and care. The product is carefully handcrafted by artisans. The beautiful aspect of the zardozi art is reflected in its long-lasting impression.

We can customize the product if required. In the process, we can customize the base color, we can provide the pattern variation such as incorporating Flowers, Animals, Birds, or some specific signs. Further, we can also use some specific stones as per your suggestions.

We are a genuine registered manufacturer from India who attempts to promote not only the art but also the artists of our nation. We are operable over the phone 24*7 a week.

Kindly, provide us with feedback after your purchase, it will not only help the business to grow but will also motivate the artisans. In case you are not satisfied with our product, then kindly contact us so that we can solve your concern.

?Semi-Precious stones can differ from the image. However, all the semi-precious stones are beneficial as per Fengshui.
?You can hang this item without a frame or you can frame this item in your own country at your own cost as framing can make this product heavy and fragile during shipping. If not in the frame then use a soft brush every 6 months.
?Please note that the color could be slightly varied from the pictures due to photography.
?Any accessories other than the item purchased in the photos are not included in the cost.

Prepared to Dispatch and Free Shipping by Air Courier, Home Delivery by DHL or FedEx.

Buyers are responsible for any local tax, custom duties / Vat if applicable at the destination will be paid by the buyer at the time of delivery, for any customs and import taxes that may apply, I#39;m not responsible for delays due to Customs.

Handcrafted in India!
quot;Support the Art, Motivate the Artisans”

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Online Outlet Discounts Embroidered floral tapestry, embroidered home decor, floral wall Huge Discounts Sale

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