Trauma, Trial, Transformation: “You Are Powerless in the Court System”

Jan Canty on the cover of Trauma, Trial and Transformation podcast

(Source: Part 2: “In part two of my conversation with Jan Canty, she talks about the hard truths she learned while trying to heal from the murder of her husband. She describes discovering a modality called the Biopsychosocial Model which teaches you to focus on the biological, psychological, and socio-environmental factors in your life. Her […]

Trauma, Trial, Transformation: “We’re Not Wanted in the Courtroom”

Jan Canty on the cover of Trauma, Trial and Transformation podcast

(Source: Part 1: “Join me in a two-part series of a very intimate conversation with Jan Canty, whose story of courage and transformation is miraculous. Jan discusses the trauma of her husband’s sudden murder. The author of two books, Life Divided and What Now? Navigating the Aftermath of Homicide and Suicide, Jan’s road to […]

10,000 Heroes: “Truer Than True Crime: The Real World Consequences of Murder”

10,000 Heros podcast cover image

(Source: “This interview is about lemons, lemonade, and murder. When Jan Canty’s husband of 11 years was murdered (decades ago), it turned her life upside down and inside out. But she ended up taking that energy, harvesting it, and used it to save her own life (first from depression, then from cancer), and has […]

Twisted: “Murder of Al Canty” 

Twisted podcast cover image

(Source: “Al Canty was murdered in 1985 in Detroit, Michigan. Unbeknownst to his wife, he was living a double life, spending considerable time and money with a prostitute and her john. I will be talking with Al’s wife, Jan Canty, about the horrific experience associated with having her husband murdered and how she managed […]

Crime Over Cocktails: “Guest Jan Canty, Ph.D”

Crime over Cocktails podcast cover image

(Source: “In this episode of Crime Over Cocktails, I have special guest Jan Canty, Ph.D. She is a homicide survivor who has found her calling after dealing with the high-profile murder of her husband in 1985 by John Carl Fry, she knows just how cruel the media and public can be, and she shares […]

Restorative Grief: “Surviving Violent Loss”

Restorative Grief podcast cover image

(Source:–Surviving-Violent-Loss-with-Dr–Jan-Canty-e1mfpv5) “In 1985, Dr. Jan Canty’s husband was murdered. As a psychologist of 40 years, Dr. Canty has devoted her life to supporting survivors of homicide through education, speaking engagements, her book, “A Life Divided,” and her podcast, “Domino Effect of Murder.” Her second book is forthcoming as a guide for families to learn […]

Love Murder: “Interview with Dr. Jan Canty Author of “A Life Divided”

Love Murder podcast cover image

(Source: “On today’s special episode, Jessie and Andie are joined by Dr. Jan Canty PhD. Dr. Canty is the author of “A Life Divided: A Psychologist’s Memoir About the Double Life and Murder of Her Husband – and Her Road to Recovery.” She features prominently in the recent Love Murder Episode 110 – Death […]

Already Gone: “The Murder of Alan Canty”

already gone podcast cover image

(Source: “The July 1985 murder of psychologist Alan Canty. Written and researched by Haley Gray. Audio production by Bill Bert. special thanks to Dr. Jan Canty.”

Taking the Helm: “Dr. Jan Canty Homicide Survivors; The Domino Effect of Murder”

Jan Canty podcast guest

(Source: “Dr. Jan Canty shares a powerful experience. It’s personal and at times disturbing. This conversation with Dr. Jan Canty was recorded in the middle of May. She is passionate about supporting homicide survivors and speaking for the many grief-stricken people lost in the shadows of mayhem, court dockets, social estrangement, and misunderstanding. Her […]

True Crime Exposed: “Al and Jan Canty: Dangerous Secret”

True Crime exposed podcast cover

(Source: “Jan Canty was living a good life with her husband of more than a decade, or so she thought. They had a nice home in an affluent neighborhood, successful businesses, and they were both educated psychologists… but when Jan’s husband goes missing her world is turned upside down… because not only was he […]

Post Traumatic Faith: “Jan Canty”

Post Traumatic Faith podcast cover image

(Source: “Dr. Jan Canty wrote A Life Divided, her personal story behind the murder of her spouse. She also hosts a podcast called the Domino Effect of Murder for and about other homicide survivors.”

Is Marriage Worth It? “It Will Probably End” 

is marriage worth it podcast cover image

(Source:–It-Will-Probably-End-e1f1mr5) “Our guest this week talks about how sometimes you should just give people a chance. You never know what can come of it.”