No Sale Tax A unique experience bringing guidance, psychic awareness, messag Wholesale Price Free Shipping

A unique experience bringing guidance, psychic awareness, messag
A unique experience bringing guidance, psychic awareness, messag

An Unfolding is more an experience than a reading so some ability to do light meditation will help you to get the most from what is given, but if you are not used to meditation I offer alternative ways to do this work and engage with what is given for you.
If you have any difficulty with this process I am on hand to help you, you are welcome to email me for guidance at any time and I will respond.

An Unfolding is an experience, a process and not a passive reading, you will need to do some work not just read what is given as participation in what transpires will greatly enhance your experience and ultimately what you experience, what you get from it will deepen and grow over time opening doors of perception within you, this is the aim of this work.

An Unfolding often creates a psychic shift in those that participate with what it given, causing synchronicities to occur and you may experience a re-setting of your energy, and the methods that you will learn will cause a deeper connection and that will grow over time, but only if you participate in what is given, please be aware of this before making this purchase.

Using my abilities that I have trained to use and perfected over many years, I connect with your energy and bring you what you need to know that is pertinent to you right now, this may take different forms, Spirit, the Universe has many ways of communicating to us.

This is NOT a Tarot reading so there are no cards to interpret, I use a meditation method and energy technique that has taken me years to perfect and that I believe is unique to me which I have used with success for over 38 years.
Looking back over the Unfoldings I have done for others in the past, I can tell you that they are around 3000 - 4000 words long, usually more, there may be drawings, diagrams it will all depend on what comes through. I give a word count as this helps you to understand the size of the pdf but of course this is a guide only as I can not tell how much will be given.

An Unfolding takes a few days to complete around 30 mins. each day in meditation, and this is reflected in the price, I have kept my Unfolding reading at the same price for over 12 years, since I opened my Etsy shop to try to make it affordable.

How does an Unfolding work?
You give me your full name, year of birth and your permission; yes it really is as simple as that, for you!
Then the hard work for me begins!

I then set aside a few days, to create your Unfolding from the unique energy that is you.
An Unfolding is very much like a map, some of the territory will be familiar to you, this is usually what is happening now and you will relate to it easily.
That which may yet manifest may seem less familiar and it may take time for you to see and feel the connection, for yourself and those around you.
This is the most important aspect of an Unfolding, for it shows you echoes of what may become your future, REMEMBER this also depends upon your reactions and the choices YOU make.
I have had people contact me months even years after I have created an Unfolding for them, to tell me that it is STILL unfolding within their lives, so keep it in a safe place for future reference and you are welcome at any time if you want to discus want you experience I am happy to respond via email.

I will send you your Unfolding via email, it will contain all details and instructions on how to get the best from it, so please be sure you send me the email address you wish me to send your Unfolding to.

For other items you may find interesting in my shop please visit:
You MUST be over 18 to obtain a consultation so please send your year of birth in note to seller.

Please do not purchase a reading on behalf of someone else.
I will only read for the person who purchases the reading and ONLY THEY can give me permission to do so.
So to be clear I will not read for your partner, husband, wife, mother, brother, father, sister, child etc. If they want a reading then they must ask for and purchase it.

I reserve the right to decline a reading or any of my services if I feel that a connection can not be made with you or if I feel that your needs and my ability do not match.
If this should be the case I will refund you in full within 24 hours.
Thank you for your understanding.
You MUST be over 18 to obtain any consultation with me and it is illegal for me to give you medical, legal or financial advice, so please do not ask.
Rest assured all Readings are in the strictest confidence, your privacy is of utmost importance to me.

I am obligated by law to remind you in purchasing a reading here at #39;ThisUnfolding#39; that you are paying for the considerable time and effort used in creating readings.

It is understood that by making a purchase, you understand that you must be an adult and that readings and consultations are not fortune telling, and that all information should be used and understood to be of and for entertainment purposes only.
It is understood that by making a purchase, you accept that all information contained in a reading is not a substitute for professional advise by a health practitioner, or financial advisor.

It is accepted and understood by you that there will be no refund after the service of a consultation has been given.
It is also understood by you that by booking/purchasing a consultation that you are agreeing to the above terms.

Copyright Notice
No part of the content of ThisUnfolding including: art, designs, logo, reading slogans, images, unique product or reading concept and design, nor reading or product descriptions may be used without prior express written permission.
All rights reserved.

Thank you.

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No Sale Tax A unique experience bringing guidance, psychic awareness, messag Wholesale Price Free Shipping

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