Outlet Sell Cheap Cutlery Case Rolling Wands, Asanoha Duck Blue Waterproof Fabri Max 54% OFF

Cutlery Case Rolling Wands, Asanoha Duck Blue Waterproof Fabri
Cutlery Case  Rolling Wands, Asanoha Duck Blue Waterproof Fabri

The case with cutlery and chopsticks that rolls.
Waterproof fabric Japanese pattern Asanoha blue duck

Original model that I myself designed, practical and easy to slip into a handbag, backpack, school bag, computer bag ...

This pouch will allow you to easily carry your own cutlery and a napkin for your lunch break at work, school, traveling or for a picnic.
Fork, knife, tablespoon, small spoon and chopsticks fit easily, even large knives of 24 cm are welcome!

Waterproof and ingenious because turned over, it is a small table set so as not to dirty your desk

Material: Oeko-Tex certified coated cotton (first label to guarantee the human-ecological qualities of textiles: free of toxic products for the body and the environment)

This Japanese-minded pouch is closed by a link

Dimensions: About 30 cm x 27 cm unfolded and 6 cm x 27 cm rolled

To clean it, nothing could be simpler:
Not very dirty ... a small stroke of a washcloth or wet cloth
A little dirtier ... go under water with or without dishwashing products and let it dry in the drain
Very dirty... hop in the machine at 30 ° or 40 °, dryer not recommended


Optional with supplement:
- A small napkin 30 X 30 cm in pure Oeko-Tex cotton
- Reusable bamboo cutlery. Set of 4 cutlery plus a pair of chopsticks (as in the penultimate photo)
Tip: You can oil the cutlery from time to time so that they keep their pretty color!
- An inscription or an embroidered first name of 2 words maximum with choice of the color of the thread and the font (height of the letters about 1 cm)

Many other models available:

Careful packaging, a nice eco-responsible gift ready to offer or offer.

I ship it to you within 24 to 48 hours (unless I am on vacation, in this case my delivery times will always be updated)

Shipment by letter followed with free shipping costs for France

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Outlet Sell Cheap Cutlery Case Rolling Wands, Asanoha Duck Blue Waterproof Fabri Max 54% OFF

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