60% Off Outlet Online 8 inches Fully Custom Bobblehead couple,Personalized bobblehea Discounts Online

8 inches Fully Custom Bobblehead couple,Personalized bobblehea
8 inches Fully Custom  Bobblehead  couple,Personalized bobblehea


First, about the product

Material: Polymer clay,Fastest Shipping, Lowest Price, 6-9.8 Inches

Features: 100% made of different color polymer clay, 100% artificial, unlike paint, resin, it is not toxic, is the safest.

Weight: Approximately 200g-300g, single person

Height: Normal bobblehead height is 6.5 to 7 inches. You can customize the special size according to your needs.

Diameter: a single diameter of 2.6 inches.

Production time: 3-7 days, urgent special arrangement

Summary: The most original high quality, the most perfect similarity, the photos into 3D sculpture. Fun personalized gifts that you can#39;t believe how much you love!

Second,what gifts can be customized

-Weddings and Couples
-Leisure and Casual
-Sports and hobbies
-Careers and professionals
-Superheroes and movies
-Parents and Children
- Musicians and the arts
- Politics and celebrities
- car
- sexy be hilarious
-Pets and animals
- Holidays and festivals

Tips:Anything you want to customize we will do

Third, why choose us

We are the real source manufacturers, has 10 years of experience and skills, have friends around the world to provide more than 40 million works, after they see works was full of praise for our handicrafts of our design, professional arts and crafts and meticulous finishing is the first and the best the industry reputation, 100% all bobble heads is made by hand.

2. The soft pottery materials we use will not give off any harmful smell, plus some non-toxic dyes, softeners and organic solvents. Want to be qualified soft pottery only, it is a kind to human body avirulent, harmless, the safety material that does not have excitant, can rest assured use, this we can want to assure. We don#39;t use Polyresin. Polyresin is a low quality sculptural material, which is usually used for mass production rather than hand work.

3. We are Etsy with the best quality, lowest price and fastest transportation.

4, 100% customer satisfaction.

5. You do not have to pay for any modifications. After you confirm the final version, we will deliver the goods at the agreed time and receive them within the time you want. It can be modified until you are satisfied!

6. Full insurance and delivery.

Iv. Ordering process and modification and confirmation time

Contact email:

1. Please select the specifications and submit the order to us. You can contact us through Etsy or email and send us the photos you want to make, the photos should be clear and well-lit.

2. When we receive your message, we will reply in time and confirm with you. If there is a delay in reply, please understand that I may be too busy to check the message in time, but we will reply to you within the shortest time of 12 hours.

3. After placing an order, you need to reply to us within 24 hours so that we can confirm and make sure everything is safe. If you do not reply to our message after 24 hours, we will confirm your confirmation by default and deliver the goods to you within the agreed time.

4. Production time: 7 days (not including modification and confirmation time)
Modification time: 1-2 working days
Delivery time: 15 working days.

5. If you are an urgent order, please contact me immediately and tell us your requirements. We will meet all your requirements if conditions permit and deliver them to you at the time you specify.

6. Order modification: After you submit your order, you will receive an email with a photo review of your sculpture. You can choose to approve the statue or suggest changes, and I will make the changes as requested and send you a new photo preview. This process ensures that the final sculpture will be exactly what you are looking for, and during this process, you will be able to make changes until you are fully satisfied. The statue is then safely packed and shipped to you.

5. Delivery time and express delivery time

(1) Order completion time: 15 days.
(2)Delivery time: about 7-30 days, but each region is different, we will deliver it to you as soon as possible.

Vi. Logistics

After completion, I usually choose express transportation mode and transfer the goods to you as soon as possible by DHL, UPS, FedEx and other express transportation plan. Every fast way to each country has its advantages and disadvantages. I will choose the most suitable, safest and fastest transportation route according to its situation.

Vii. Warm Reminder:

1. Please attach your telephone number and name to facilitate shipment.

2. It is not feasible to change colors during creation. We use the same clay as the selected color code to make the color of the figure#39;s skin/eyes/hair. Once you want to change it, this means we will have to recreate a new bubble head and we will charge you accordingly, so please choose your color code carefully

3. It is estimated that each order will take about 1 week, excluding the proof process and delivery. If you are in a hurry, please send me an email with your event dates and I will do everything I can to speed up your order. Each package has a tracking number. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. thank you

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60% Off Outlet Online 8 inches Fully Custom Bobblehead couple,Personalized bobblehea Discounts Online

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