Phoenix Mall FREE SHIPPING - Straw - MudPaint - 4 oz. - 16 oz. - 32 oz. Furni Max 54% OFF

FREE SHIPPING - Straw - MudPaint - 4 oz. - 16 oz. - 32 oz. Furni
FREE SHIPPING - Straw - MudPaint - 4 oz. - 16 oz. - 32 oz. Furni

Pale and Muted

Not too muted, not too bright, Straw is the perfect combination of the summer wheat fields of Idaho and the straw bales of pumpkin patch hay rides.

MudPaint provides superior coverage and can be applied however you like to paint - natural, synthetic bristle or foam brushes, traditional or foam rollers or spray it on like a real pro.

The clay based formula of MudPaint creates a soft, buttery finish with none of the gritty or chalky elements typical of chalk type paints. Made from natural earthen materials right here in the PNW, MudPaint is eco-friendly, LEED compliant and has low VOCs.

AND the best part....NO NEED TO SEAL! That#39;s right, for most applications of MudPaint you can just paint and walk away. No more fussing with topcoats that are finnicky or uneven.

Paint Prep:
MudPaint requires very little prep work which means you get to see your pieces transformed even sooner. Most pieces will require just a light sanding and cleaning, but if you are painting a surface that is super slick or you think it#39;ll have those nasty tannins bleed-through, you can use any water-based primer under MudPaint.

Paint Application:
MudPaint is a thick, rich and creamy paint so remember that less is more. Apply with short even strokes of your brush. MudPaint often provides one-coat coverage, but you may want a second coat on pieces that you know will be placed in high traffic areas. MudPaint finishes are soft, smooth and naturally matte.

If you are applying a second coat, allow the first coat to fully dry. Depending on the temperature and humidity during application this may be up to three hours. Don#39;t rush the process. Pour a cold one, sit back and admire your work for a bit. Applying that second coat too soon may cause your paint to crackle so just give it some time.

If you are using a topcoat over your MudPaint application, let your final coat of paint dry over night. Besides, you deserve the break. Really, look at how much you#39;ve already done to this piece.

Paint Finishing:
For daily use pieces (kitchen tables or cabinets, the side table next to your favorite chair), MudPaint should be sealed using Matte Protective Clear Coat, but if you want to get all fancy, MudPaint is compatible with Finishing Waxes, glazes and any of your favorite fancy-schmancy fun looks. The thick consistency of MudPaint creates a super smooth finish that is practically brush-mark-free. Amen to that!

One quart of MudPaint is typically enough to cover 150 sq. ft. - about 3 or 4 normal pieces of furniture. The natural earthen clay formula of this paint provides exceptional adherence so no more chipping or peeling.

Paint Durability:
Because of the natural elements in MudPaint, it can be used on lots of different surfaces with long lasting success. Pick a color you#39;ll like a long time because this paint is the real deal in durability.

Paint wood, metal, ceramic, plastic and even fabric! For projects that are designed for outdoor use, a coat or two of Matte Protective Clear Coat is recommended for longest lasting results. MudPaint is even safe for use on furniture for the littles so paint their treasures too.

RootBound Life is proud to be an authorized MudPaint Retailer. I love this paint and I know that you will too. Give it a try today in any of the three sizes available. Sample it in a 4 oz., go to town with the 16 oz. or paint the town with the 32 oz.

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Phoenix Mall FREE SHIPPING - Straw - MudPaint - 4 oz. - 16 oz. - 32 oz. Furni Max 54% OFF

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