Buy Online In USA Quilting Services to meet any need! At the price of surprise

Quilting Services to meet any need!
Quilting Services to meet any need!

The Ripped Quilter LLC
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Batting--we can provide batting for your quilt. The house batting is Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 blend because it needles well in the long arm. If you require a more specific batting or want a double batting such as wool on top of the 80/20 blend, just let us know and we can either purchase it for you or you can provide it yourself.

Batting will be sold in the following approximate sizes:

Crib Wallhanging

Yes, we can load multiple pieces on one piece of batting and backing! We encourage this if you have multiple small wallhangings, table runners, placemats, etc. Our frame will hold a maximum width of 104” comfortably.

Thread, regardless of quantity used, will charge at a flat rate of .00 for every order. The house preferred thread combination is Glide 40wt for the top thread and Bottom Line 60wt for the bobbin. However, we will use whatever thread you desire other than a 100% cotton thread. Cotton thread does not machine well in the long arm because of the higher speeds and machine movement. Glide thread is a trilobal polyester thread with a soft sheen. There are high quality polyester threads that work just as well as Glide that have a matte finish to them. If you want elaborate fills in your quilt, they may require 100wt MicroQuilter thread if you want those areas to not stand out.

Backing Fabric--yes, we can supply that too. Please be advised that extra yardage will be needed for wide quilt back material. Wide quilt backing material needs to be ripped into square and it is not uncommon to lose upwards of 6” off the fabric cut. It is preferred for backing material to have a minimum of 8”inches extra on all four sides to accommodate both the frame and the quilt. It is preferred to load backing fabric with the salvages running parallel to the frame leaders. This is also true for pieced backings if not using a wide width fabric.



Basting--Yes, we can baste your quilts for you!

All basting is assigned a flat charge of .00 per quilt.

There are innumerable ways to quilt a quilt. Our goal is to find the best way that satisfies you while also meeting a fair price point. We are committed to working with you to achieve that goal!

Edge to Edge Quilting
These would be either pantographs or edge to edge template work such as Baptist Fans or Shells as an example.

Edge to Edge Quilting--one repetitive design for the entire body of the quilt--

Rainbow Craft for Kids

.05 per square inch

Can you add a different border treatment to an edge to edge design? Absolutely! The additional cost will be determined at intake.

Custom Quilting

By its very nature, custom quilting is specifically tailored to the quilt and will involve ruler work, templates, stencils, and or free motion quilting. All of these are hand guided, no robotics.
There are 3 types of custom quilting:

Low Density--Stitch in the ditch, straight-line outline work, templates--.00 an hour
16.00 an hour
Medium Density--Stitch in the ditch, outline work, templates, stencils, free motion quilting and feather work--.00 an hour
16.00 an hour

High Density--Stitch in the ditch, outline work, template, stencils, free motion quilting, feather work, fills, trapunto, art quilting, and couching work.

20.00 an hour

The difference between low and medium density quilting is the time involved. Low density will provide a custom look with less time involved. Medium density quilting will provide a more detailed custom look with more time involved.

High density quilting requires both an increase in time and an increase in skill set and can be limited to specific areas of a quilt--for example, an applique medallion surrounded by simple patchwork will only require fills around the applique and not the patchwork, The medallion treatment may require 4 hours high density quilting whereas the patchwork may only need 10 hours low to medium density quilting.

At Intake, you will be given an approximation of how many hours it will take to complete custom quilting for your quilt. This is based on past work done for quilts of a similar size. Given its nature, custom work is based solely on each individual quilt and like a snowflake, each quilt is its own design.

Here is a simple and fun rainbow craft the kids are sure to love.   I remember making this craft when I was little, and it was really special to get to re-create it with my own children.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids

  Are you looking to up your Easter game this year? Here are 33 fun & creative   egg hunt ideas   for kids that the whole family will love! I can't wait to try the confetti egg game with my family! How many of these will you try this year?
Buy Online In USA Quilting Services to meet any need! At the price of surprise

Leprechaun Trap for Kids

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Gardening Activities for Kids

  We can not wait to get outside & do as many activities as possible! If that is also your goal then this list of gardening activities for kids will surely prove to be a great resource. There are so many fun ideas here deciding where to start might be the only challenge.    Follow us on  Pinterest  &  Facebook  and for all the best kids activities! GARDENING ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS Up-cycle plastic bottles into  adorable planters . Use eggshells to make  a mini garden . Make  eggheads . Turn a toy truck into  a mobile garden . Grow  a magic beanstalk .  Grow a garden using  an egg carton . Make  Lego planters . Turn rain boots into  a garden .  Make an  egg carton greenhouse . Grow  grass animals . Make  newspaper pots . Make  garden art  from recycled cans. Convert an old sandbox into  a kids garden . Turn play dough containers  into planters . Create a hideout while exploring how things grow with this  DIY bean teepee . Use recycled cans to make  an herb garden . Use ice-