Of 60% Discounts Sale Postpartum Ice Pad reusable PADsicle ICE pack pad. after birth p Outlets

Postpartum Ice Pad reusable PADsicle ICE pack pad. after birth p
Postpartum Ice Pad reusable PADsicle ICE pack pad. after birth p

Our ice pads are a must-have for post both, pelvic pain and gynae post op. They have a hidden insert for putting the ice pack. and can be used as a regular menstrual pad afterwards.
It is recommended to use to ice pack for no more than 20 minutes at a time and can be applied several times a day (up to ten times in a twenty-four hour period).
Do not use apply the ice pack to naked skin. This may result in burns.

Reusable cloth pads may seem like a large initial outlay, but when washed and treated correctly, you will save a huge amount of money in the long term. They should last over 5 years (with an average rotation of 10 pads). A bulk discount is applied for the set, rather than buying individually.

Materials we use:
Topper- GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo, which is naturally antibacterial. (The Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain).

Absorbent core- Zorb. This is made from tangled cellulose fibres including bamboo viscose, cotton, organic cotton and polyester. It can absorb 10 times it’s weight in under two seconds and absorbs 10 times faster than other materials. Two layers of Zorb will replace either eight layers of flannel, six of french terry, or five of fleece. That#39;s why it#39;s an awesome material to use in our cores.

Backing- PUL waterproof layer and micro fleece, which is anti-microbial. (The PUL is a breathable layer of thin plastic and is used in most cloth nappies and pads. It is unlike regular plastic used in disposable pads and tampons as it#39;s designed to last and maintain it#39;s integrity. It is a good layer to make sure the pads do not leak. We have weighed up the pros and cons of adding this plastic layer and decided that if the pads are washed and cared for correctly, one cloth pad is equivalent to using 75 disposable pads, making the pads with PUL a much more eco friendly option.)

If you need any help finding the correct size then please feel free to email us at

The pads come in a variety of sizes and all wing to wing size of 7.5”.

**PLEASE NOTE: There is not an option to choose specific designs as I send out random designs. However, if there is a material that you prefer, I will try to include this in your order. I cannot guarantee that this will be possible. All our topper materials are GOTS certified.**

How to wear:
Simply use like a disposable pad.
Place the frozen ice pack into the insert at the back of the pad, then place the pad (pattern side up) into your underwear and close the snap poppers on the underside.
Change as regularly as you#39;d change disposable pads.
You might find that you don#39;t need to change them as often but some people prefer to change them for hygiene reasons.
PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended to use to ice pack in 20 minute cycles.

Ice Pack:
Our home made ice packs are made of edible ingredients so they are not toxic. However, we recommend you do not consume them and keep them away from children and animals.
Freeze for 2 hours+ before inserting into pad.
Remove after 20 minutes and pop back in the freezer.
Each pad comes with 1 ice pack. (More available to purchase alone in our Etsy shop).
Ingredients: Cornflour, Water, Salt, Colouring.
Wipe clean before freezing.

Washing instructions:
Wash before first use.
Once ice pack is removed, rinse the pad by hand, using cold water.
Soak in cold water, patterned face down (optional).
Place in a wet bag until I can be washed. This will keep it wet and make it less likely to retain any stains.
Wash on 30oC.
Reshape by hand and air dry.
Please do not tumble dry me.

We do not recommend tumble drying.
You may want to use an iron on a low heat to maintain the correct shape. *Only iron the topper. Ironing the fleece backing may cause damage to the PUL layer inside*.

*Please allow upto 10 days for dispatch. I own and run our small business which is currently super busy. I try my best to fulfil orders straight away and dispatch sooner if possible. If your order is urgent then please let me know.

Thanks for helping us to become a more environmentally friendly planet! :)

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Of 60% Discounts Sale Postpartum Ice Pad reusable PADsicle ICE pack pad. after birth p Outlets

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