Healing Power of Hope YouTube cover image with Jan Canty

Healing Power of Hope: Dr. Jan Canty’s Journey from Tragic Loss to Advocacy

(Source: YouTube guest interview with Edwina Adams: https://www.youtube.com/@LetsMakeSomeNoisePodcast)

Dr Jan Canty is interviewed by Edwina Adams on her YouTube channel “Let’s Make Some Noise”.

“Today we have Dr. Jan Canty, an author and psychologist, who shares her experience and the situations she was put into by her husband that helped develop her voice which allowed her to speak out against wrongful incarceration. Dr. Jan then goes on to speak about the ways that she is helping people deal with homicide and suicide and the pitfalls of our judicial system in helping survivors. Dr. Jan and Edwina connect over their similar stories and the joy that came from finding someone who understood the position they’d both been in. You won’t want to miss out on this episode as it plays with your heartstrings and brings to light the parts of our judicial system that are unjust and unfair.” (https://youtu.be/n-paQ4uaGfU?si=u6RwzB-abiR43v9i)