Leighanne Regan podcast

Leigh-Anne Regan: “Death, What Happens When People Cross Over to the Other Side?”

(Source: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/leighanneregan/episodes/EP-26–DEATH–WHAT-HAPPENS-WHEN-PEOPLE-CROSS-OVER-TO-THE-OTHER-SIDE-e1ekqt7/a-a7ep745)

“Jan Canty has lived many people’s worst nightmare.

On this podcast

Jan talks about her husband’s murder and being hounded by the media.

We discuss her recent discoveries whilst interviewing ‘survivors’ or those grappling with grief after homicide on her podcast

and the mystical experiences they have encountered and shared.

We also discuss how her decision to travel and how it enabled her to maintain perceptive .

I fell very grateful to have Jan speak and share her story and her work with my audience.

I have learned through speaking with Jan that There are Very few resources available to those that deal with homicidal deaths.

Because of this, Jan is now sharing her experiences and findings through her books podcasts.”