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Loose and Conversational: “Dr. Jan Canty – Psychopaths”

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Let’s talk about psychopaths!

“Last week we debuted a new intro song. Shortly after that, my good friend Barrymore Scott sent me a note that mentioned how I had used the same music as his podcast, Coming Up Next Time. My apologies Barrymore, I suppose that’s why it sounded familiar. We have new music again this week; I hope you all like it. Jenn disliked our original music, by the way.

This week’s episode is a great one. While talking about psychopaths a while back, we realized that we didn’t know what a psychopath is. It turns out that a lot of people don’t know. We were very fortunate to find an expert on the subject. Dr. Jan Canty is the host of The Domino Effect of Murder Podcast, which talks about the survivors of murder. She is the author of the book A Life Divided, her memoir where she shares the story of the murder and dismemberment of her husband, Dr. Al Canty, in 1985 by a man who was a psychopath.
Jan is also a clinical psychologist who earned her Ph.D. before her husband’s death. She is an amazing woman with some fantastic insight on the subject.”