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Yoga gifts. Stand on nails. Meditation teacher. Balance board.
Yoga gifts. Stand on nails. Meditation teacher. Balance board.


These are unique proprietary technologies and devices designed specifically for quantum meditation reality management.

It is impossible to get used to this device, which is why the practitioner does not work with patience, but asserts and forms the skill and neural connection of conscious control of reality.

Opening and reformatting reality. Creating the right hierarchy between mind and awareness, getting rid of all unnecessary, imposed. You will start the global process of removing your limiting installations and programs

The practice of standing on nails accelerates internal metabolism and as a result accelerates the process of realising the intention with which you got on nails

Releasing a gigantic amount of energy that your fears have accumulated. It is released after practice. It is important to direct it in the right direction, to realise the intention with which you entered this practice

Finding inner harmony and building a stable state of awareness. 30 minutes of meditation on nails in terms of effect quality are equated to 7 hours of ordinary meditation

Going beyond the limits of the mind and its limiting installations. Meet and meet your clean self, no restrictions. Unleashing Your Great Potential

More than 70,000 nerve endings on their feet will do their job. This will not only be the best foot massage in your life, but also internal organ massage.


Is it possible to practice to beginners?
For normal standing on nails, no special physical training is required. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the instructions.

How often and how much time to practice?
You can practice standing on nails every day. I recommend doing it from 1 minute or more.

Are there contraindications?
The first and main contraindication is the absence of a significant reason to go into practice

How do they differ from ordinary sadhu boards?
A huge difference in the tasks that the practitioner solves. Unlike sadhu boards, on which patience and willpower are pumped, nails from BeHere are located in the form of bee honeycombs and work to form a mindfulness skill.

Instruction for meditation

It#39;s important to understand that nothing will happen to your feet. The skin on our feet has an increased density. The nails are very close together, and the most that will happen is the best massage of your life. But the brain will interpret this in a completely different way.


1. First of all, you should have a reason - why get up. Don#39;t start practice for no reason and no task. Otherwise, you will waste the energy and time released. At the same time, remember that these are nails, and each contact with them should occur against the background of love for yourself - gently and carefully

2. Remember that any fight is won before the fight, and this fight is no exception. Form a firm intention to go beyond the limitations of your mind, regardless of how the mind replaces you with different parameters for the same, non-changing sensations in your legs.

3. Realise the difference: there is a feeling in your legs, a reaction in your head. Separate the sensation from the reaction. Leave and observe sensations without giving rise to a reaction. Sensations are equal to sensations. Reality is equal to reality, not its interpretation, which your mind will create.
4. On willpower cannot pass. This is not endurance training or speed competitions. This is a meeting with the strongest rival in your life. This opponent is your not yet curbed mind. You can go into quot;silencequot; only on awareness, only on soft power.
5. At first, during practice, you can use quot;controlled cracks.quot; These are different methods of translating attention. Translate it to sensations in the body outside the nails. You can create artificial sensations on the urines of your ears or in your hands, for example, through rubbing your palms. But don#39;t go into abstraction. Be here now.

Try to raise your time every time. At least for 1 minute. Do not detect the timer, put a stopwatch - this is important. The first time you can get up in your socks. Then try to do without them.

Materials used:
- beech
- copper nail
- oil
- varnish

Board Level: Medium
Distance between nails: 0.4 quot;(10 mm)

The reasons you should get on the nails should be greater than the reasons your mind throws you off them.

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Fort Worth Mall Yoga gifts. Stand on nails. Meditation teacher. Balance board. Cheapest Outlet Store Sale For

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