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Haunted Funeral Urn
Haunted Funeral Urn

Very odd, and very haunted funeral urn, just waiting for somebody#39;s ashes. Purchased at an estate sale. Ornate and powerful piece of the death market.

We name our entities for identification purposes only,  unless otherwise specified. Sometimes the spirit will already be known by the individual hauntings, in which case we will call it by that name. The buyer will be made aware of this if it applies. More information is available once we place the spirit in a guardians home. Some information is sensitive, and the families involved in the paranormal hauntings desire it not to be given out. Each doll has its own background, and each one is different. Some are gentle hauntings, and others are very frightening hauntings. The more active the haunting, or history of the spirit vessel requires much research on our end. All spirit vessels are positive for EMFs and EVPs. These measures are all taken upon receiving the vessles. We will not hold a meter up on YouTube in front of a doll to endorse its possession, as this is silly, and could easily be considered fake readings. Any nearby power-source could send a needle jumping. We research and explore all possibilities with each doll before we list it for sale. Our positive feedback attests to this. We only deal in the real thing. We are always on the lookout for new team members also, that have experience in the paranormal science-based world. 


Disclaimer Laws states that any paranormal items must be sold for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase. You also agree (before placing a bid) that I (Midnight Vintage Vault) am not responsible for any experience, or effect that manifest, or do not manifest. You are responsible for your own actions. By purchasing any of our items, you agree with the written terms above. Individual results may vary, this item is not meant to be a substitute for professional care, or diagnoses, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease. By purchasing any of our paranormal items, you agree to these terms, all sales are final. All haunted dolls should be considered a novelty, to those that either do not truly believe in the paranormal, or expect immediate results. Ghosts can go temporarily dormant, until they adjust to their new surroundings, and then like a seed, start to grow active and strong, others may cause all Hell to break loose if you disrespect them, or taunt them. Blessed Be and always be kind to the spirits.

Midnight Vintage Vault Guarantees our dolls are the real thing, and due to the nature of the subject of paranormal vessels, can not predict the outcome on spirits. We have sold over 150 extremely haunted dolls, objects and paintings over a course of ten-years and their buyers have all been satisfied and still write us to this day, detailing their paranormal experiences, and expressing total happiness with their purchases. We also sell antiquities from haunted estates and landmark buildings..

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Over item handling ☆ Haunted Funeral Urn Popularity

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