New products, world's highest quality popular! Nordic Collection Beard Oil - 30ml x2 - Christmas Present for Be sold out

Nordic Collection Beard Oil - 30ml x2 - Christmas Present for Be
Nordic Collection Beard Oil - 30ml x2 - Christmas Present for Be

? The Nordic Collection - Our Nordic Mist and Nordic Jul beard oils - 30ml each

Nordic Mist:
Scent: Woody
Essential Oils: Pine Needle, Juniper Berry, Cedarwood Atlas
Carrier Oils: Castor, Sweet Almond, Apricot

Nordic Jul
Scent: Warming
Essential Oils: Frankincense, Cinnamon, Lime
Carrier Oils: Castor, Sweet Almond, Apricot

30ml each: 3-6 month supply depending on beard length


? One Tree Planted: This product plants one tree in areas of severe deforestation - more info in listing photos.


Beards + Oil + Nature = Hinterlands Beard Oil

As a lover of nature and landscape photography, I designed my brand around my love for the outdoors. The logo was designed to represent beards, oil and nature combined.

That#39;s also what I really wanted to capture with my scents too. I live and work in London and always long for my next photography trip in nature, so I created a bunch of recipes that smell of the great outdoors, whilst also providing my beard with the benefits of oils.

Why am I selling beard oil? Well...It all started around 6 years ago. I decided to grow a beard…again! I#39;d tried a few times before but had always given up, like many, due to it becoming itchy and my skin drying out in the early stages. This time however I was determined.

After lots of research I decided to make my own. It worked perfectly, smelled great and kept my beard soft and itch free. The special combination of oils were chosen and narrowed down after much research to provide the best benefits possible for your skin and beard.

I#39;ve now been exclusively using and making my own beard oil for 6 years for myself and friends. I decided it was time to share my product with you too!

But the story is far longer than I can cram into here. If you wish to learn more about it, my research on oils, why I chose the amber glass bottles and the pipette lid over other options as well as my design/branding process and why I finally decided to start selling my beard oil online you can read it all (with photos) here:


Why should you use beard oil?

When you wash you beard the natural oils get lost. Beard oil is designed to replenish the oil in the hair and the skin. Whether your beard is long or short the oils will help keep it looking and feeling healthy. Our oils are 100% natural and come in a range of great scents based on nature.

Some of the other scents available:

? Explorer - Refreshing aroma
⛰ Early Riser - Revitalising aroma
❄️ Nordic Jul - Winter warming aroma
? Wilderness - Fresh aroma
✨ Serenity - Calming and warm aroma

See them both here:


? Instructions: Use daily after washing your face in the morning. Apply to a dry/damp beard but not wet. Drop 2 to 5 drops or more of beard oil into palm. The longer the beard the more drops. Rub the oil between palms and then massage into face and then beard. You want to get to the roots and your skin beneath your beard.

? Allergic to nuts?
I use Sweet Almond Oil as one of the three carrier oils. If you are allergic to tree nuts at all, please reach out to me. I#39;d be more than happy to make a custom order of any of my recipes without the Sweet Almond Oil in.


Each beard oil is housed in a 30ml amber glass bottle with a pipette dropper lid.

Amber glass protects the oils from UV rays, helping your beard oil to remain at its full effectiveness. With other types of glass e.g. clear or blue bottles, UV light can penetrate through the glass. This breaks down the oils and renders them less and less beneficial for your beard and skin as time goes on. This is important as a 30ml bottle of beard oil can typically last 3-6 months

The pipette dropper lid gives you complete control over the amount of oil you wish to use


If you wish to learn more about my beard oil journey, my research on oils, why I chose the amber glass bottles and the pipette lid over other options, as well as my design process and more, please read my article here:



For any questions please check the FAQ on my store page, but don#39;t hesitate to reach out to me if you have further questions.

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New products, world's highest quality popular! Nordic Collection Beard Oil - 30ml x2 - Christmas Present for Be sold out

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