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One Moment Please: “The Domino Effect of Murder”


“Jan Canty has lived many people’s worst nightmare. Your husband fails to return home from work. You put it down to the storm raging outside, until you realize that something feels off. No one knows where he is, and the police, won’t treat his disappearance seriously. Days later, with media camped on your door step, homicide ring you and tell you they think your husband has been murdered. They have no body. Through their investigation, you find that your husband that you have loved and devoted years too, has been leading a double life, has indeed been murdered, and left you so broke you face homelessness. To make matters worse as a trained psychologist you blamed yourself for missing the signs.

It sounds like a plot of a movie but it was the reality that Jan Canty lived through. Jan now has her own podcast “The Domino Effect of Murder” to assist other ‘murder survivors’ and law enforcement in dealing with the fall out and the aftermath of a traumatic loss. After you listen to the episode you can read the full story in her memoir A Life Divided.”