Domino Effect of Murder Podcast

What is the fallout of murder after the police leave, the headlines read, and the news viewed? How do repercussions change over decades?

Listen to honest, true accounts, by those who have traveled the path – such as a blind artist whose actions lead to the capture and conviction of a serial murderer a continent away. Hear from an expert on child sex trafficking who tells us that their life expectancy is only five years.

Learn from an athlete from the Boston Marathon bombing, The Center director after the Pulse Nightclub massacre, and a widow from the Las Vegas Harvest Music Festival in 2017 whose husband’s last act was to shield her from harm.

What is it like to live with a cold case?

These accounts and others vividly demonstrate that many more people are impacted from the intentional death than those in the morgue.

Yet there are resources. THERE IS HOPE! There is strength in numbers. 

Post-traumatic growth does happen. Knowledge is power.

Interconnection is the bottom line.

What’s the backstory of murder after the police leave, the headlines read and news footage viewed? What’s the personal fallout on first responders, witnesses, coworkers, family members and even the perpetrator years and decades later? 

Honest, detailed, true accounts and comments by those who traveled the path are shared. In addition, some episodes spotlight information that is rarely known at the time it is needed. 

There are so many more victims than the ones taken to the morgue. Yet THERE IS HOPE! 

Post Traumatic Growth does happen and no one has to go it alone. (This podcast is published twice-monthly on Wednesdays, January – November.)

If you have a story you’re ready to share and would like to be a guest on
the “Domino Effect of Murder” podcast, please contact me.