Jan Canty

Shoutout Michigan: Meet Jan Canty | Psychologist and homicide survivor

(Source: https://shoutoutmichigan.com/meet-jan-canty-psychologist-and-homicide-survivor/)

I was recently interviewed by the staff at “Shoutout Michigan”. Here’s a short excerpt of the article and a link to read the full article.

“What keeps you busy professionally?
I was trained as a psychologist at a time when few women were encouraged to go to grad school. I was the first in my family to go to college and I appreciated the opportunity. I had a wonderful mentor in Aaron L. Rutledge, Ph.D. He was a brilliant man and I respected him immensely. The hard part of the doctorate was the political cross-winds among faculty and the sheer “weight” of the assignments. But my goal was to finish before age 30. I made it by one month.

What was hard is that after I’d been in training for 11 years, the rug was ripped out from beneath me. Within two weeks of completing my post-doctoral fellowship my husband was murdered. The media descended. The investigation was all-consuming and it all hit like a Tsunami just when my practice was starting. So, I packed up after 18 months and left Detroit. It was not an easy choice but the media was relentless.

I abandoned clinical work for academia and it turned out I enjoyed teaching immensely. It never seemed like a second-place choice to me.

I guess the main thing I would like the world to know about my story is that so-called “homicide survivors” are misrepresented and ignored by Hollywood, researchers, podcasters, the clinical training of mental health professionals and by medical staff. We are overlooked in the gun control debate. Politicians know next to nothing about us. It’s not the fault of society. We pull away from them and society pulls away from us. There are many myths associated with the aftermath of homicide that need correcting. I do speak on that often….”


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