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A Voice for Survivors: Overcoming Isolation and Providing Resources

I know too well the feeling of isolation, the struggle to find information, the wish to be understood, the fight to organize and prioritize tasks while searching for crumbs of hope.

I hope to throw a lifesaver to other homicide and suicide survivors and spare others from experiencing that abyss.

Jan Canty speaking to a group


Topics I Can Speak On

  1. Dispelling myths about the aftermath of homicide 
  2. What friends can do to help in the aftermath of homicide and suicide
  3. The importance of using the American Biorecovery Association for crime scene cleanup
  4. The emerging phenomena of sixth-sense experiences in grievers of violent death
  5. Why Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is better thought of as Post Traumatic Stress Injury
  6. The importance of group support following trauma
  7. How and why grief changes over time
  8. The real possibility of Post Traumatic Growth
  9. Recommendations for law enforcement in working with homicide survivors
  10. Recommendations for attorneys in working with homicide survivors
  11. Recommendations for physicians in working with homicide survivors
  12. Rethinking the true crime genre from the perspective of homicide survivors
  13. The unexpected costs of violent death
  14. Different kinds of grief and why it matters
  15. Why graduate programs need courses on the aftermath of violent death
  16. The price society pays for untreated trauma
  17. Common changes in assumptions and values following traumatic death
  18. The special case of wrongful convictions from the viewpoint of victim families
  19. Strategies to address the hardship of grief from intentional death
  20. What I have learned from my podcast guests about the aftermath of violent death