Jan Canty podcast guest

Taking the Helm: “Dr. Jan Canty Homicide Survivors; The Domino Effect of Murder”

(Source: https://lynnmclaughlin.com/podcast-list/dr-jan-canty)

“Dr. Jan Canty shares a powerful experience. It’s personal and at times disturbing. This conversation with Dr. Jan Canty was recorded in the middle of May. She is passionate about supporting homicide survivors and speaking for the many grief-stricken people lost in the shadows of mayhem, court dockets, social estrangement, and misunderstanding.

Her life is divided into”before and after” segments. Her spouse of nearly 11 years went missing and she discovered he’d had a secret life for 18 months after he was brutally murdered.

Dr. Canty’s book, A Life Divided, was intended to be a straightforward memoir – the personal story behind the murder of her spouse. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, she is an author, a renounced speaker, a former triathlete and a cancer survivor. Dr. Canty is also the host of a podcast for and about other homicide survivors., the ‘Domino Effect of Murder.'”