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Tell Me About Your Life, Etc.: “Nightmare from a Homicide”


Part 1: “Jan Canty’s husband had been brutally murdered. This fact she kept silent for 30 years. She recounts the harrowing story. Now, she shares what her life is like since and how the tragedy shaped parts of her life. In her book A Life Divided she goes into the details and scope of her personal experience.”

Part 2: “Jan Canty continues her story. Running a podcast Domino Effect of Murder has been reaffirming and educational for her. Jan uncovers misconceptions people have about the victims/survivors of a homicide. Currently, she is working on a workbook as a step-by-step guide on the process of what to expect and what you need to know following the tragedy of a homicide.” This new book is called What Now: Navigating the Aftermath of Homicide and Suicide.