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True Crime Exposed: “Al and Jan Canty: Dangerous Secret”


“Jan Canty was living a good life with her husband of more than a decade, or so she thought. They had a nice home in an affluent neighborhood, successful businesses, and they were both educated psychologists… but when Jan’s husband goes missing her world is turned upside down… because not only was he now gone, he also lived a double life. A life he kept completely hidden from her. He was involved with drug dealers, sex workers, and criminals.

It takes years for Jan to put the puzzle pieces together, and it’s 30 years before she can openly talk about the trauma she was put through. This trauma stemmed not only from the betrayal and the murder, but also from the court system, the media, and the relentless gossip. Jan is now a strong victim advocate, speaking up for the ‘invisible’ survivors – the families of homicide.”

Part 1 & Part 2 below.