Jan Canty Interview

Unmute Your Mic: “Healing as a Homicide Survivor”

(Source: https://youtu.be/hz9tKNoT5Kc)

“It is not often that I get to hear a story like Jan Canty. She took everything that happened in her life and not only came out on the other side, but provides a space for other people to find healing as well.

ABOUT THE GUEST: A native Detroiter, Jan Canty, Ph.D. is a psychologist, writer, photographer, educator, consultant and cancer survivor. She holds a terminal degree in psychology as well as a post-doctoral fellowship from the Wayne State University School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine.

Then life happened. And grew dark. Her spouse of 11 years went missing and was found murdered in July of 1985. The media exposure was relentless. After the trial and convictions of the two assailants she began her 30- year redacted life and quietly moved deep into the Midwest.

She taught psychology at a small, rural college away from tourists, airports, memories and intrusive questions. She later adopted two special needs sisters and remarried a Lt. Colonel Airborne Ranger.

She worked as a forensic psychologist in a large mental hospital and taught graduate school in the evening. Her chosen specialty was cross-cultural psychology which lent itself to photography and international travel to remote villages on five continents.

Dr. Canty was awarded Faculty of the Year her second year of teaching. Life circumstances delivered her to be uniquely qualified to address surviving murder both from a professional and a personal viewpoint. This is the underpinning to her true crime memoir, A Life Divided (in print and audiobook format).

She also launched a podcast for other so-called homicide survivors entitled “Domino Effect of Murder” in 2020 and later developed a private Facebook group for those struggling with grief after homicide (called Homicide Survivors and Thrivers).

Dr. Canty presently lives and works (as a consultant) to the federal government and spends her free time with her family, two Saint Bernards, engages in photography, scrapbooking, gardening and traveling.”