Al and Jan Canty Marriage

Who the Bleep Did I Marry? Discovery ID: “The Id and the Ego”

Documentary, Season 7 Episode 7 – Air Date: November 26, 2022


“When a beautiful student, Jan, meets an esteemed psychologist, Dr. W. Alan Canty, she believes that she has found her soulmate for life, and becomes his wife, Jan Canty. But, when he suddenly disappears, she discovers that he also lived a bizarre double life in one of Detroit, Michigan’s most notorious neighborhoods, known as the ‘Cass Corridor’.

His secret and dark hidden life eventually led to his death. On July 13, 1985, Alan Canty, age 51, was murdered by John “Lucky” Fry. Canty’s severed head was discovered six days later and his body parts were spread out over 250 miles. John Fry was caught and brought to trial. In the end, Lucky Fry was sentenced to life imprisonment without the chance of parole. Lucky Fry died in prison in 1995.”

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