Detroit News

Wife opens up on husband’s Detroit killing 31 years ago

by George Hunter, The Detroit News | Published August 9, 2016 |

“She changed her name and left Michigan in 1990, tired of answering questions about her husband’s murder, a tawdry case that made headlines.

After years of keeping her past a secret, the woman formerly known as Jan Canty says she’s finally ready to publicly discuss her side of a story that shocked her Grosse Pointe neighbors and forced her into hiding.

‘Over the years I realized I was paying an enormous price for leading a redacted life,’ she told The Detroit News.

Her late husband, Alan Canty, was a respected psychologist. In July 1985, after his body parts were found in northern Michigan, police revealed he had been living a double life as the suitor of Dawn Spens, a Cass Corridor prostitute whose pimp bludgeoned Canty to death and dismembered him….”