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Neurotic Nourishment: “My Husband Died Living a Life I Never Knew Existed”


Part One: My Husband Died Living A Life I Never Knew Existed

When Jan met Dr. Alan Canty, a well-known, well-respected Detroit Psychiatrist, he was eighteen years her senior and quickly became not only her employer, but her biggest cheerleader as well. She proposed to him, suddenly and out of the blue, and their wedding was picked at random when Jan pointed her finger at a calendar. Under Al’s guidance, Jan would go from receptionist to college student to a licensed psychologist completing a post-doctorate fellowship.

Join me as Jan and I have a painfully candid conversation about what the fuck you do when you discover that your husband has a mistress who is in the sex industry — and that he has handed over close to $140,000 to her and her pimp. And when Al runs out of money? He dies.”

“In this second part of our two-part series about Jan and Alan Canty, Jan discusses the fallout of life as she knew it. Jan candidly explores with me the times when she kinda should have maybe known that something was up with her husband of so very many years who turned to a young prostitute for love and affection after Jan — well, after Jan grew up, for lack of a better wording.

Spoiler alert: Today Jan is an amazing bad-ass, working on her second book, and very much ready to tell the story that once defined her, but no longer does.   If you want to learn more about Jan — and you should — you should check out her current book, A Life Divided, and keep an eye out for her second book [Now What?], which will be released within the next 12 to 18 months.”