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Nightcap Live Conversation: “A Conversation With Jan Canty”

(Source: https://www.facebook.com/daughtersofshebafoundation/videos/533079731882610)

“A native Detroiter, Jan Canty, Ph.D. is a psychologist, writer, photographer, educator, consultant and cancer survivor. She holds a terminal degree in psychology as well as a post-doctoral fellowship from the Wayne State University School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine. Then life happened. And grew dark.”

Have you ever lost a loved one to murder?

Well, Claudette has and so our next conversation is deeply personal.

Who best to help Claudette, you, and anyone who has lost a loved one at the hands of a murderer?

Jan’s late husband, ‘Alan Canty, was a respected psychologist. In July 1985, after his body parts were found in northern Michigan, police revealed he had been living a double life and was murdered as a result of it.’

Her debut book, A Life Divided, was written from the vantage point of thirty years of reflection on this murder and the many stories of other survivors that she heard. It spawned her podcast ‘The Domino Effect of Murder’ which invites other homicide survivors to share their own survival stories with others.

Come meet Jan if you too might be aching from the murder of a loved one – or know someone who is.”